2014 CSA Schedule of Events

Listed here are the scheduled events for all CSA contests for the year as well as many special events that are not CSA santioned. Please note that links to flyers & webpages are marked by bold underlined text. If an event host has a webpage dedicated to their event the host name will appear as a bold underlined link.

Date Host & Information Location & City
Jan 10-11 The Beaver Bar The Beaver Bar
  Flyer/CSA & Juniors Murrell's Inlet, SC  Results
Mar 28-29 The Shag Shack The Shag Shack
  Flyer/CSA & Juniors Augusta, GA  Results
April, 25-26 Memories Beach Club Memories Beach Club
  Flyer / CSA  Atlantic Beach, NC  Results
May 9-10 Lynn's Lynn's (Owned by TWB Entertainment, LLC)
Charlotte, NC  Results
June 6 -7 Carolina Shag Classic Swillies Hideaway  Results
  Flyer/CSA North Myrtle Beach, SC
Aug 1-2 Eno Beach Time Out Sports Bar  Results
  Flyer/CSA, Juniors,New Comers      Chapel Hill, NC
Aug 29-30 Fat Harold's Beach Club Fat Harold's Beach Club  Results
  Flyer / CSA North Myrtle Beach, SC
Oct 3-4 FASA Dance Contest Moose Lodge  Results
  Flyer / CSA

Fayetteville, NC

Oct 24-25 Seaboard at The Ballroom The Ballroom  Results
  Flyer / Juniors, New Comers, & CSA Hamlet, NC
Nov 14-15 Lynn's (Cancelled) Lynn's (Owned by TWB Entertainment, LLC)
  Flyer / CSA Charlotte, NC
Dec 6 CSA Awards Banquet & Christmas Party OD Resort Ballroom
  Flyer North Myrtle Beach  
Non-Sanctioned Events
Date Host & Information Location
Jan 24-26 National Shag Dance Championships The Spanish Galleon
  Prelims N. Myrtle Beach, SC
Beth Mitchell Memorial Mix Doubles
Thirsty's 2
    Greensboro, NC
Feb 7-8 Keeper's of the Dance Fat Harold's
    N. Myrtle Beach, SC
March 6-9 National Shag Dance Championships 2001
  Finals Myrtle Beach, SC
March 22 Junior Shag Dance Team Showcase Lynn's
  Flyer / CSA & Juniors  Charlotte, NC  
April 4 - 13 SOS Spring Safari Main Street & OD
May 24 - 25
USA Grand Nationals Dance
  Championships Atlanta, GA
July 3-7 2014 Ft. Lauderdale Swing and Beach Bash
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
July 15-20 Junior SOS
Main Street & OD
    N. Myrtle Beach, SC
TBA Bunk Leach Mixed Doubles Thirsty's 2
  Hall of Fame Foundation Fundraiser Greensboro, NC
Sept 12 - 21
SOS Spring Fall Migration
Main Street & OD
Sept 19 CSA Golf Tournament Little River, SC
  Flyer Entry Form
Nov 22 Greater Triad Shag Club Benefit for Butch Thirsty's 2
  Flyer Greensboro, NC